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North American Pressure Wash Outlet carries pumps from the most industry-recognized manufacturers like CAT, AR, UDOR, General Pump, Giant, Shurflo, Everflo and Comet.

The pump in a pressure washer is like the heart in a human body. It is responsible for moving the water through the system and creating pressure. Pumps differ in GPM, PSI, temperature rating, horsepower, shaft size and a few other features.

Pumps are tough; but failures can occur. The best advice we can give is to protect your pump and treat it well.  Pumps have oil that will require maintenance and internal parts like pistons, plungers and seals that can wear over time.

We recommend using water filters in your system to catch small debris particles that can damage pump internals. It's amazing the damage that a piece of debris the size of a grain of sand can do to an internal component.  

Looking for a pump oil drain kit? We have them here.



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